Body Solid Best Fitness Smith Machine - BFSM250

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Body Solid Best Fitness Smith Machine - BFSM250

The Best Fitness BFSM250 Smith Machine is an excellent addition to any home workout, combining the power and effectiveness of free weight workouts with the safety and control of a weight machine. Lift safely without needing a spotter, thanks to the BFSM250’s safety catches. This safety catches feature 20 lockout points giving users the confidence to lift heavy without a spotter and no fear of failure. 

Solid steel, knurled Olympic barbell slides smoothly down the BFSM250’s carriage without resistance for safe and controlled movements. Use the 2” barbell sleeves to add up to 300 lbs. of additional weight to the barbell for intense workouts. Heavy-duty, adjustable safeties let users customize the Best Fitness Smith Machine for several of the most popular exercises, including bench presses, squats, shrugs, rows, and more. 


  • Lift safely without a spotter
  • 20 lockout points
  • Solid-steel knurled Olympic barbell 
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Product Weight: 114 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 50"L x 66"W x 79"H


Assembled Weight:

  • 114lb / 51.71kg

Assembled Dimensions:

  • Length: 50.00in / 1,270.00mm
  • Width: 66.00in / 1,676.40mm
  • Height: 79.00in/2,006.60mm

Package Dimensions:

  • Length: 76.00in / 1,930.40mm
  • Width: 14.00in / 355.60mm
  • Height: 8.00in / 203.20mm
  • Volume: 4.93 ft3 / 0.14 m3
  • Gross Weight: 73.00lb / 33.11kg

Package 2 Dimensions:

  • Length: 53.00in / 1,346.20mm
  • Width: 14.00in / 355.60mm
  • Height: 9.00in / 228.60mm
  • Volume: 3.86 ft3 / 0.11 m3
  • Gross Weight: 55.00lb / 24.95kg


  • BFLA250 BEST FITNESS Smith Machine Lat Attachment
  • The Lat Attachment allows users to perform lat pulldowns, triceps press-downs, cable crossovers, seated rows, and so much more



Warranty Agreement

This Warranty applies only in the United States to Cardio products manufactured or distributed by Best Fitness™ under the Best Fitness brand name. The warranty period to the original purchaser is: 

  • 5 years on the frame
  • 5 years on motor (if applicable)
  • 1 year on parts
  • 1 year on electronics (if applicable)
  • 3 months on wear parts (if applicable)
  • 90 days on Labor.
  1. Best Fitness warrants that the Product you have purchased for non-commercial, personal, family, or household use from Best Fitness or from an authorized Best Fitness reseller is free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.
  2. Your sales receipt, showing the date of purchase of the Product, is your proof of the date of purchase.
  3. This warranty extends only to you, the original purchaser. It is not transferable to anyone who subsequently purchases the Product from you.
  4. It excludes paint and finishes.
  5. This Warranty becomes VALID ONLY if the Product is assembled/installed according to the instructions/directions included with the Product.

Warranty Service

  • To obtain warranty service, you must return the Product to Best Fitness in its original container (or equivalent). You must pre-pay any shipping charges, export taxes, customs duties, and taxes, or any other charges associated with the transportation of the Product. In addition, you are responsible for insuring any Product is shipped or returned. You assume the risk of loss during shipment. You must present Best Fitness with proof-of-purchase documents (including the date of purchase). Any evidence of alteration, erasing, or forgery of proof-of-purchase documents will be cause to void this Warranty.
This Warranty does not extend to any Product not purchased from Best Fitness or from an authorized Best Fitness reseller. This Warranty does not extend to any Product that has been damaged or rendered defective; (a) as a result of accident, misuse, or abuse; (b) by the use of parts not manufactured or sold by Best Fitness ; (c) by modification of the Product; (d) as a result of service by anyone other than Best Fitness, or an authorized Best Fitness warranty service provider. Should any product submitted for Warranty service be found to be ineligible, an estimate of repair cost will be furnished and the repair will be made if requested by you upon Best Fitness’s receipt of payment or acceptable arrangement of payment.

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